Experience of the month: English Bay Beach

Last May 9, 2021, Jomar and I decided to take a walk along the seawall, and we end up taking 15,000 steps. We walked east along West Broadway; when we reached Cambie, we walked north until we crossed the Cambie Bridge going to Downtown Vancouver. We walked near the Seawall near Yaletown until we reached the Burrard Bridge, where we crossed to go back to Fairview and back home.

In the middle of Cambie Bridge

West View from Cambie Bridge

The following weekend we decided to cross Burrard Bridge again. This time we met with my younger sister, Therese, who now lives in West End. The three of us walked to her favourite spot in English Bay Beach. We set up her beach mat and sat down.

Our view while waiting for Therese.

In front of Therese's favourite spot at English Bay Beach.

We knew our only brother, Hovey, would have his vaccine shot that day, so I sent him a message to check if he's already done and if he has any plans afterwards. We invited him to come over, and he did.

He arrived 30 minutes later, and we sat there for a good hour. Enjoying each other's company and just feeling refreshed with nature. Thank God for experiences like this!

5:30 PM View of False Creek and English Bay from Burrard Bridge

At around 4 in the afternoon, we decided to leave since none of us had lunch yet. We ordered from Poke Bar because Hovey wants to eat poke. We enjoyed our lunner in Therese's apartment.

We walked across Burrard Bridge again to go back home. It was a fun Saturday! I can't wait to get vaccinated so we can enjoy more time with the family.


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