Vancouver Christmas Market experience and review

Jomar and I have been planning to go here last year and even the year before, but somehow we never have gotten around to it. Today, after the Pokemon GO Community Day, we went to Jack Poole Plaza where the Vancouver Christmas Market is located. Then, it started raining.

Merry Christmas!

Nope, I'm not going to be drenched in the rain and endure the cold to be here. This rain is not in the forecast so it was completely unexpected. We decided to let the dark clouds pass inside the Starbucks at Shaw building across the street.

After an hour, it stopped raining. Thank God! We lined up again and entered. It was still before sunset so it's bright. We took pictures around and feasted on the many great foods! I wish we could eat more but at some point, you just know that you're full.

Top left: DAS BRAT from Freybe (THE Brat seasoned with marjoram and caraway served on an artisan bun with warm sauerkraut).

Top right: Tender Beef Gulasch in a bread bowl from Das Gulasch Haus (Gulasch is a delicious warming stew found primarily in Austria and Hungary).

Bottom left: Kartoffelpuffer from Das Kartoffel Haus (Kartoffelpuffer is German potato pancake served with apple sauce and sour cream)

Bottom right: Salted pretzels from Mr. Pretzels (THE BEST PRETZELS I've had)

Vancouver Christmas Market

We walked around and checked out the merchants' stalls and artisan shops. By the time we're done roaming around, it's already sunset and the lights look so much better!

Walk-in Christmas Tree

Before Sunset and After Sunset

Christmas Carousel

The picture on top is when we arrived while the one at the bottom is right before we left.

Lovers' Lane Light Tunnel

Left: After Sunset facing north
Right: Before Sunset facing south

Floating Santa under the 2010 Olympic Cauldron

Top: Before sunset
Bottom: After sunset


The before sunset photo of this looks bad that I won't even post it.

Van Christmas

Winter Deck

Christmas Pyramid / Flying Stage

Spot the amazing singer and band in the middle of the pyramid.

Left: Before Sunset
Right: After Sunset

Love Lock Installation

"As a way to show unbreakable love, people write names of someone special onto locks, attach the locks to walls or fences and mail the keys to Santa."

Love Lock Installation

Is the Vancouver Christmas Market worth it?

Because I'm a foodie, yes! I grew up in the Philippines and while I'm familiar with food from Asian countries, I can't say the same for culinary offerings of Europe; hence, the Vancouver Christmas Market and the food available is such an excellent treat and a great introduction to European food. 

I love Christmas and all the wonderful bright light and being surrounded by happy people, so I highly recommend coming here. Other than the lights, I love the live performer singing that can be heard all over the Market. The volume of the songs wasn't obnoxious that you can't hear your companion and the quality of singers was top notch. It's a wonderful serenade while enjoying the food, views, and weather.

If you're into Instagram-worthy spots, they have lots to offer! Come after sunset for the best photo opportunity (as you can see from the before and after sunset photos I have above).


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