Day 0 of PH Wedding Vacation: Japan Airlines

I haven't posted in a while (busy and stress is an understatement), but in the next series of posts, I want to share the nearly two weeks we spent in Manila for our wedding.

Breakfast and Lunch in YVR

Our flight is at 2:25 PM (Pacific Time), but we're so excited that we're already at the airport at around 9:00 AM. We took a Yellow Cab going to Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and knowing full well that the check-in counter will still be close, we grabbed breakfast at Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons for breakfast before we leave Canada

It's the same Tims I worked full-time for a week before I quit. But that's a different story.

We were standing in line at 10:00 AM, and the employees of Japan Airlines (JAL) was only setting up. The check-in counter opens 3 hours before (not 4!). We stayed in line and was playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Playing HP: Wizards Unite

By 12:00 NN, we're done checking in and going to security. We're enjoying our Chinese cuisine lunch at a place called Hanami Sushi (yes, I know, it's confusing). After lunch, I asked Jomar to buy me Starbucks drinks. We're now waiting at the Gate.

If you collect this and want one from Vancouver, BC, or Canada, please let me know.

Pinoy and PAL

Two hours (or so) before our flight, a group of Filipino sat next to us. They sound stress and angry. I asked what's going on? (In Tagalog, of course). Apparently, their 2:00 AM flight (12 hours before) got delayed and eventually cancelled because of mechanical failure. They were given hotel accommodation but was informed that the next trip is 8:00 AM (earlier that day), but it again got delayed to 12:00 NN; then, 4:00 PM. They're tired and unsure of whether they'll be able to fly.

Of course, my next question is - do you have travel insurance? If they do, the travel insurance can help in booking a new flight and make sure you're taken care of. At least, that's what my work travel insurance told me. "If anything happens while you're travelling, please give the number on your card a call, and they'll give you further instructions and help you out." I hope things would work out for them.

Japan Airlines

I have a new favourite airline. Actually, it's not the airline that I like exactly but the planes they use. The chairs are arranged 2-4-2. Yes, there are only two seats near the window, so I have the window seat, and Jomar is on the aisle seat. It's so much easier to move around without a third person to worry about.

Off to Japan!


I prefer food from China Airlines. The biggest surprise in JAL flight food is they give you a cup of ice cream. I didn't finish it, but it's such a pleasant surprise.

Amusing to see a local (Vancouver) gelato maker supplying for JAL! Mario's Gelati.

I only watched one movie (Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration) and decided to sleep for the rest of the way.

Narita International Airport (NRT)

Our plane arrived in Japan, and we have less than 2 hours to go through security and board our connecting flight to Manila. We wanted to explore, but it has to wait on our return.

Look at all the folks at Akihabara.

For now, we went directly to our boarding gate and ate at the closest convenience store. I would have ordered the curry, but it would take 10 minutes, so I opted for their ramen and noodles.



Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

At around 10:30 PM (Philippine Time), we arrived safely in Manila. I was tired and angry (my default mood after flying trans-pacific). Our flight left Japan 1-hour late, and we were circling around NAIA for around 30-minutes (according to Jomar - I was sound asleep when they made announcements) because of airport traffic.

Vegetable Keema Curry and Häagen-Dazs Matcha Ice Cream

Thank God for QSR and ABC Car Rental that a car is waiting for us, and we were safely dropped off at Go Hotel Pioneer.


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