Food Trip in Langley: Olive Garden

One weekend, Alyanna was demanding that we eat at Olive Garden because a YouTuber is promoting the unlimited breadsticks.

Therese and I searched for the closest Olive Garden, and there's only one in BC! Just one! We took a 30-minute drive (more than 40 km) to eat at Olive Garden located in Langley. The trip was worth it.

Olive Garden Exterior

Food was great! Jomar and I shared a Tour of Italy. It has three pasta - Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna Classico and Fettuccine Alfredo.

My half of Tour of Italy

All pasta came with unlimited breadsticks and a choice of unlimited soup or salad. Jomar and I both chose the soup - Chicken & Gnocchi. We finished two bowls because it was excellent! We didn't know that we could also try the other soup, and we were not limited to just one type. Next time, we know! My mom kept on asking us, ano ba yang Gnocchi? I told her it's a dumpling from Italy. I saw it in one episode of Master Chef. LOL. #foodnetwork

Chicken and Gnocchi Soup


Since we overate soup and breadsticks, my parents and sisters weren't able to finish the pasta. Therese and Alyanna's excuse was because they're saving room for desserts. We ordered cakes, and it was delicious. Seriously, it's all so good! Jomar and I had Chocolate Caramel Lasagna. Therese ordered the Tiramisu while Alyanna had the Black Tie Mousse Cake. My parents got to try everything. Yummy cake!

Chocolate Caramel Lasagna
Black Tie Mousse Cake

On top of the great food, our server was excellent. The waitress is accommodating, answered all our questions, and polite. Plus, she looks like Emma Stone. On our way home, we were discussing when we'll be back already.


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