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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: Love, Experience, and View

Last Tuesday, Jomar and I spent the day at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I've been there before, but I enjoyed it so much that I had to bring Jomar there as well.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park offers free shuttle service from Downtown Vancouver to Capilano. Check their website for pick-up point and schedule. You may also check Translink or Google Maps for public transportation direction.

Jomar and I are inside the free shuttle bus.

There are different sections of the park, and we enjoyed them all. Starting from the Story Centre and Kiapilano Totem Poles guided tour, we walked our way to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Because of the volume of people walking on the bridge, it was shaking more than the last time I was there.

Guided Tour of the Story Centre and Kia'pilano

Crossing the Suspended Bridge

On the other side of the suspension bridge, we did the Rainforest Explorer challenge which you could start at the Treetops Adventure. When we were walking towards Nature's Edge, we saw two male ducks fight over a female duck. It was violent. Oh, nature.

Treetop Adventure

After that, we decided to rest a bit and enjoy our soft ice cream. We, then, crossed the bridge again and walked towards the Cliffwalk.

Capilano Timber Co.

Jomar at the Cliffwalk

Just before leaving the park, Jomar decided to buy ref magnets from the Trading Post Gift Shop.

Capilano Trading Post

We rode the free shuttle again going back to Downtown Vancouver. Fun date with Jomar!


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