Food Trip in Vancouver (Mount Pleasant): Menya Japanese Noodle

It was a rainy early evening as I walk towards the Hootsuite office for a meetup. I was searching online Foursquare for good places to have dinner after the event is over. The app showed all restaurants within my vicinity and one of the suggestions is Menya Japanese Noodle. Since it was raining, it only made sense for me to have a bowl of ramen and gyoza.

8-pc Gyoza

Tantanmen Ramen

I entered the place and saw quite a number of Japanese men, women, and children eating here so it must have been good, authentic even, for it to attract so many Japanese. I ordered Tantanmen Ramen and Gyoza for my dinner.

The ramen was really good! I enjoyed my warm Ramen bowl while it's raining outside. I am so happy.


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