Capilano Suspension Bridge: Siblings, Experience, and View

Last night, Therese and I went to the YVR Traveller meetup. Therese introduced herself as, "have not seen the world" since she has not travelled a lot. As we are going home from the meetup and I was telling her of my travels and life challenges, she keeps on saying that she will go to Victoria, BC the following day. I was telling her that you should bring clothes because you might get stranded there if the weather changes. She was so shocked! Anyway, she kept on searching and reading on places to visit. It's like the travel bug hit her when we were in the meetup. Because she's still in university, she enjoyed the talk from Jami Savage ( the most because it's focused on British Columbia travel.

Companion for this trip: Therese and Hovey

Thus, she keeps on asking me and Hovey to go with her to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park so we did. Coming from our Richmond, we took a bus then SkyTrain then another bus from Downtown.

Entrance of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

List of things to expect inside

Be sure to get a Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Map & Passport. Also you can put stamp on the passport, be sure to look for those stamp stands.

The first section of the Story Centre

The Story Centre contains the history and development of the Capilano area. As you continue walking you will encounter the Kia'palano and the amazing totem poles.

Before heading to the Suspension Bridge, we decided to visit the Cliffwalk.

Walking down the cliff

The Cliff!

Awesome Scary Experience

After catching my breath and calming down from that experience, we went to the next adrenaline generous section, the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was so scary! I was so sure the bridge will flip over and I will be holding tight for dear life.

As Hovey said, putting on a brave face
The Capilano Suspension Bridge

Whew! When more people walk on the bridge, the more shaky it becomes. On the other side, I enjoyed the Rainforest Exhibit especially the book about geology and how the area developed over the million of years. We, then, went to the Raptors Ride going to the Nature's Edge.  It was nice walking a section of the rainforest and taking in fresh air.

Testing this new Panorama option in Google Camera

We, then, went up the Treetop Adventure and crossed shorter hanging bridge between trees. It's nice to be on top of the trees in the middle of this rainforest. It was a cool two degrees celsius.

Going up the Treetop Adventure

Tree Hopping!

After this, we went back the other side and we don't have a choice but to use the suspension bridge again! This time we were kind of lucky since less people were crossing at that time so it wasn't as shaky.

Before leaving, we stopped by the Trading Post. I purchased a keychain (for my continuously growing travel key chain collection) and ref magnet.

You may check more photos in my Google+ Story.

That's it! This is my first travel for the year and yes this counts as a travel. I am a big fan and promoter of being a tourist and traveller in your own city or area because you don't know what you'll discover and learn. Plus, it would give you the same satisfaction of travelling without spending tons of money.

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