Review of Joy Bus: The Deluxe Coach of Genesis Transport, Inc.

During my trip to Baguio last March 2, 2013, Jomar and I (as recommended by friends) decided to try the Joy Bus of Genesis. We went to the bus terminal the day before just to make sure we have a ticket going to Baguio and asked for the cell phone number of the person to contact in Baguio so we could reserve our returning ticket. Reservation Number in Baguio 0906-591-6011. She doesn't reply though.

The bus arrived in Cubao station Friday evening at around 11:00PM just in time for our departure. We rode the bus and was seated right behind the stewardess. She gave us our snack of water and biscuit. A clean and fuzzy blanket was waiting in our chair. It was a cold bus ride. I was freezing to death. Thus, I couldn't sleep. Also, my feet is hanging. I didn't know that there's a foot rest that could be used. I slept less than Jomar during the surprisingly 4-hour bus ride going to Baguio.We were there a little after 3:00AM.

On the way back, I am expecting it to be more warm since it's 3:00PM when the bus left Baguio. Still, the bus was seriously cold. I used the rest room inside the bus and was told by a passenger to close the door properly after I am done since it stinks. I couldn't agree more! The hinge on the door is wobbly and it won't close properly. Also, the attendant said that pooping in the rest room is not allowed. Lastly, they only showed two movies during the bus ride. We arrived in Manila at around 9:00PM.

I would suggest for Joy Bus to improve their services. Since I find the bus too cold, I hope they would have a temperature control per passenger. I am sure other passengers appreciate the coldness of the bus while some (like me) didn't like it at all. I hope they would also show more movies in the bus as I really enjoy the movies. Lastly, the stewardess would need to keep the rest room as clean and as possible.

Based on my experience, I don't think I will be riding the Joy Bus anytime soon.

How about you? How's your Joy Bus experience?

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