Places to Visit in San Fernando City

Last December 4 to 6, 2010, our team had a vacation in San Fernando City, La Union and Baguio City. We had so much fun at the beach of San Fernando and exploring some tourist spots around the city.

We stayed at Sunset Bay Beach Resort which truly lived up to its name as we were rewarded by an amazing sunset. The rooms and bathrooms were clean and they even have a swimming pool for those who don't want to swim at the sea. During the morning on our last day, it was low tide and we got to explore and see seashells. It was actually fun.

Sunset behind Sunset Bay Beach Resort

Before this sunset, we went to see Ma-Cho Temple, the world's largest Taoist temple outside China. It was huge! Behind it you could go up a road (by walking) and be rewarded with a view of the city and you could even see the sea on the other end.

Shortly after, we also visited the Pindangan Ruins. It is the remains of an old church in the city.

It's a short but sweet vacation and sight-seeing in the city of La Union.

To guide our traveler friends here's the places above in Google Maps.


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