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Happy 5th Anniversary Jomar!

To my dearest Jomar,

Announcing to the world and sharing to social media about us isn't our thing. We kept our love privately just between us but since this is our 5th year together as a couple, it deserves a little attention and celebration (and a blog post).

From one of our first #selfie together during a time when it's not even called selfie yet, to our first airplane ride together (GenSan) and to our first trip out of the Philippines together, we've come a looong way. We got older, matured a little bit, and grew up (and looking at the pictures, we did celebrate over food a lot in the last five years!).

First plane ride!

Who knew that five years later, we would still be together and we even survived our first six months in long distance relationship! High-five! Thank you for being patient with me and never failing to send Hangout messages every so often. As I said before, when we survive this LDR phase, I will write a post on "How to survive LDR?".

One of our many Hangouts!

Our last picture together before you have to leave Canada November of last year!

From the LDR roses (which is unexpected) and the LBC-delivered Valentine's Card last February to the 5th year anniversary card, even if we're miles apart, you never failed to make me feel like I am the most special girl in the world.

Unexpected roses and LBC Card last Valentine's Day

Though, I am not the sweetest girlfriend and I sometimes have trouble expressing how I feel, you know that I love you. I can't wait to have you back here in Canada (hopefully, permanently) and you know that you just have to say the word and I would be back there if it's what you want, right?

This was last June 2016 at YVR Airport a few hours before your flight back to Manila

Happy 5th Anniversary JT! More memories, more moments, more restaurants to try, and definitely more travel together. I love you and be with you soon!


p.s Here's one of my fave pics of us together! It's bookmarked for moments when I miss you.

Wacky at Nami Island, South Korea

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