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Food Trip in Alexandra Road, Richmond: Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine

I've been to Korea twice and had a taste of authentic Korean food. Haroo brings the Korean experience in Richmond with its homey ambiance and great food.

Last week, our family celebrated my mom's birthday and father's day. Since my mom has been raving about Dai Jang Kum and how she wants to bring us there to celebrate her birthday, Therese and I searched for the Korean Restaurant with the highest rating in Richmond. My Foursquare and her Yelp app both returned Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine.

My parents enjoying the tea

We arrived at Haroo at around 7:30 PM, it was a cloudy day and finding parking space was challenging. Be more patient when coming in the area on a busy weekend, since parking will be a difficult.

We entered the restaurant and it felt like we were transported to a Korean home. We were seated in the corner booth and was browsing through the menu. We're not sure what to get because there's so many options! Jomar and I ordered Bibimbob, Japchae (mom's fave), and Jangban Mandu. The rest of my family ordered so many other items. I honestly have no idea how we're going to finish it all.

While waiting for our food!

After giving our orders, the owner provided us with the rice porridge free appetizer. It was warm on a cold cloudy day. Then, the free side dishes. I loved the boiled sweet potato!

Rice Porridge
Free side dishes

Father ordered the Bulgogi Fried Rice and asked us to try it all. He was raving about how delicious it was. Even my mom agrees that it was great! On top of the Fried Rice, my parents also had LA Galbi. Meanwhile, Alyanna is a picky eater so I was worried on what she will eat. Thankfully, they have Chicken Teriyaki which she enjoyed. The serving was too big for her to finish so Therese and Hovey ate whatever she had left.

Bulgogi Fried Rice
Chicken Teriyaki

Hovey doesn't like it when I take too many photos, specially of food. Because of this, I don't have any picture of his bulgogi soup. On the other hand, thinking that it was good for one person, Therese ordered Haemul (Korean-style seafood pancake) which was recommended by the owner. It reminds me of the Okoy from the Ilocos Region in the Philippines. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The whole family agrees that this was the highlight of our meal. There was even a discussion on who should get the last piece. LOL!

Heamul (Korean-style seafood pancake)

I was so hungry when we ate here that I forgot to take a photo of the Bibimbob while the photo of the Japchae was blurred because they are all excited to try it out. Thankfully, everybody was busy eating when my Jangban Mandu arrived. Mandu is pan fried Korean dumpling and I love dumplings. I am not the only one who enjoyed the Mandu because Therese and Hovey liked it too. Honestly, I think they ate more Mandu than I did.

Jangban Mandu

It was a great evening with the family. We were laughing and enjoying our dinner celebration. Happy birthday Ma! Happy father's day Pa! Oh and we gave our gifts to them both. The highlight gift is the chocolate shaped like golf balls from Rocky Mountains for Papa. He loves to play golf so he was really amused by it but well, we still ate the chocolates since he's not a fan of sweets.

That expression on his face!
Here is everybody with our feast!

Can't wait to try more restaurants at Alexandra Road with the family.

The last restaurant we've tried in Alexandra Road is Seto, one of the, if not the best Japanese Restaurant in that area. Read about our experience here.

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