30 at 30

I'm celebrating my third decade on this beautiful world this month, and I thought of making a list of thirty things I'm grateful for. I'm going to divide it into sections as best as I could, but I could be repeating some of them.


This is something I am grateful to my mom and years of Catholic education. No, I haven't memorized the bible, but the values it instilled in me have been a foundation of my life.

1. God

I'm a Catholic. I'm thankful to know that I worship a loving God who sent his Son, Jesus, to save me. Every time I go through trials, and there's been plenty, I know I can go to Him and surrender.

2. Kerygma Family

I can't remember the first time I discovered Kerygma, but receiving the Gospel for the day and reflection allows me to be connected to God daily. Moreover, the teachings are not just for spiritual growth. They include financial, emotional, and even physical.

3. Faith Community

When Jomar and I moved into our current apartment in Canada, it's just the two of us. My parents and siblings live in another city. However, every Sunday during Mass, we see familiar faces of young families and old couples in our community. I am grateful to be part of this community.

4. Charitable Organizations

I support World Vision Canada, Compassion Canada, and a few more organizations in Canada to share the many blessings I receive.


5. Jomar

I don't think it should come as a surprise that I'm thankful to have a loving, respectful, and kind husband.

6. My Parents

I am grateful to have a funny and responsible Papa and a strong faith-filled Mama. When I feel tired at work or am feeling sad, I give them a call, and I feel so much better after.

7. Siblings

I have three younger siblings, Ate Ro, Kuya, and Baya. The last 26 years of being an Ate (older sister) have been amazing. We shared laughter and tears, celebrated life milestones, and just being there.

8. Relatives

Growing up, we are surrounded by loving aunties, uncles, titos, titas, and cousins that make every occasion filled with wonderful memories.

9. In-Laws

It's probably rare, but I am grateful that I am blessed with kind parents-in-law and siblings-in-law.

10. Friends

I miss my friends back in the Philippines. I am grateful that even though I'm far away, I can feel their love and care.

11. Sponsored Children

I have three sponsored children. Princess Mae from the Philippines and Frantzlin from Haiti are both through World Vision Canada. Paul Syrus from the Philippines is through Compassion, Canada. Thanks to them, I am reminded that I'm working hard not just for myself but to continue supporting them.

12. Colleagues

I am grateful to my colleagues at Gumstix. I have only worked full-time with one company ever since moving to Canada, these wonderful people have become friends. This seems like a good transition to the next section.

Life in Canada

While I do miss the Philippines (sometimes), I love my life in Canada. It's not perfect, but there are so many things to appreciate and be thankful for.

13. Vancouver

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's a place where you can ski in the morning and go sailing in the afternoon.

14. Seasons

Honestly, the reason I decided to stay in Canada is the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are all wonderful.

15. Health Care

There seems to be a misconception that health care is free in Canada. It's not free, but it is accessible to everyone. In BC, we used to pay our MSP, but recent law changes are changing it so that they can get it from taxes without us having to pay anything to the pool of funds.

16. Gumstix

Gumstix is my Canadian miracle. If they didn't hire me three years ago, I'd probably be back in the Philippines already.


17. Basic Needs

I'm grateful for the roof over my head, soft bed, and all the basic needs I have.

18. Privileges

Things that I shouldn't take for granted, like the laptop I'm using now, the smartphone, and internet connection.


Below is a list of things I am grateful for that seems self-explanatory.

19. Blessed Life

20. Good Health

21. I am loved.

22. My Dreams

23. Hope for tomorrow

24. Wisdom

25. Joy and Laughter

Life's Bonuses

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to earn so I can enjoy life to the fullest through the following:

26. Eating at Restaurants

27. Travel to new places

28. Games

Hello, Pokemon Go!

29. Data Plan

To play Pokemon Go. :D

30. Movies

Thank you entertainment industry for working hard and thinking of ways that will allow me to escape even for a couple hours to a different place and narrative.


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