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Pinoy Fiesta 2019 in Vancouver

Jomar has been great at finding activities and events we should go to during the weekend. Today, we went to Memorial South Park at 41st Avenue and Ross Street in search of Filipino food and a sense of home in Vancouver.

We visited each booth representing either a company sponsor or a fiesta in the Philippines. There was a Pahiyas booth and Sto. Nino one. Initially, we couldn't find where all the food stalls are, but we saw people crowding a section of the park and knew right away it's there.

Pahiyas Bahay Kubo

The first order of business is to get Pinoy BBQ. Then, we had dinuguan, tocino, kwek-kwek, turon, and finished our meal with Potato Corner fries and Sago't Gulaman. Food coma!

We watched the parade as well. It was great!


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What is G Suite? Get a free 14-day trial and exclusive discount.