Landsea Tours: Whistler & Shannon Falls Tour

Jomar and I decided to do what most tourists do when they visit British Columbia - go to Whistler. I decided to pay Landsea Tours for bus transportation going to and from Whistler. It will be a day trip.

It's our first "vacation" trip EVER as a married couple (not counting going back to the Philippines).

On the way to Whistler Village

We started the day by walking to Park Inn & Suites by Radisson. It's the closest hotel to our place and is our designated pick-up point. We arrived an hour early and had breakfast at Tim Hortons across the street.

Tim Hortons breakfast
Our bus arrived with Mickey is our tour guide and bus driver for the day. It's a full bus. We picked up more tourists around Downtown, Vancouver. Then, we started our journey.

Empty bus (for now)

We were rewarded with a beautiful view of Howe Sound as the bus driver through the Sea to Sky Highway. My photos did not give justice to the beautiful view, so here's a short video and a glimpse of what's outside the window (with background narration from Mickey).

Watch in 4K Quality (if possible)

Shannon Falls and Stawamus Chief

On the way to Whistler, we stopped by for like 20 minutes at Shannon Falls. It is the 3rd tallest waterfall in British Columbia. While on the bus, we saw Stawamus Chief. It is the second biggest granite monolith in North America (at least, that's what Mickey said).

Shannon Falls

Stawamus Chief

Squamish Adventure Centre

After a 10-minute drive, we made a quick stop at the Squamish Adventure Centre. It's a cool looking building and usually a starting point for hikers and adventure seekers.

It's my first to see a taxidermy bear.

Tantalus Lookout

The last stop before we get to Whistler Village is Tantalus Lookout. It gave a magnificent view of the Tantalus Range. It's the peak of summer, and the mountain peaks are covered in snow and glacier.

Tantalus Mountain Range

4-hours at Whistler Village

We arrived at Whistler Village 5 minutes before 1 in the afternoon. Jomar and I decided to start our "tour" at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre.

Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre

I learned so much about first nations while in here. Their way of life and the different nations like the Squamish and Lil'wat. I'm an immigrant, and I have a lot of respect for Canada and the first nation. I wish the same respect is given to the "first nation" of the Philippines. We had lunch at SLCC in Thunderbird Cafe. The salmon chowder is so delicious. I highly recommend it.

Salmon Chowder

Upper Village and Fitzsimmons Trail

After an hour at Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre, we walked around the Upper Village, admiring the magnificent mountains and beautiful hotel. We were reading the maps to make sure we're going the right way through Fitzsimmons Trail to the Village Centre.

Village Centre

We walked around the Village Centre to see many hotels and shops. We started at Mountain Square walked to Village Square. Then, to Village Common. We crossed a "bridge" to Village North.

Village North

We took pictures of the Town Plaza and Gazebo before heading to the Olympic Plaza, where the Olympic rings are. We walked to the Market Place and admired the shops. We end up at Florence Petersen Park and just sat there under the trees enjoying all the sounds.

Town Plaza and Gazebo

Olympic Plaza

Looking up from Peterson Park

We went to the Whistler Museum and thoroughly enjoyed the history of Whistler and the 2010 Winter Olympics. Heading back to the Village Centre, we stopped by Inukshuk Statue to have our photos taken.

Our time is almost up, and we decided to line up at COWS to buy ice cream. We, then, waited at the Whistler Bus Loop for Mickey and our bus.

My only regret is that I forgot to buy a fridge magnet and keychain. 

Going back to Vancouver

On our way down to Greater Metro Vancouver, we stopped by Porteau Cove, which is located in Howe Sound. It was beautiful. I don't think any of my photos or videos did justice to the water, mountain, and islands that can be seen from Porteau Cove.

After taking a nap, we're back in Metro Vancouver. We had a great time. Landsea Tours and Mickey are fantastic!


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