Closest Pizza: Bella Pizza

Bella Pizza is the closest pizza place at our house and it's the first time we tried it.

Pizza by the Slice

Jomar and I decided to eat in and observe Bella Pizza. It seems to be the only pizza by the slice in the area. There's Fresh Slice along Granville (between Broadway and 8th Avenue) and Panago along Broadway (between Birch Street and Alder Street) which I believe also offer pizza by the slice but this is surprisingly popular.

Pizza quality is okay. It's not the best but by the 3rd bite of my Pepperoni pizza, it's not too bad.

Pasta and Wings

My biggest regret is ordering the Buffalo Wings and Lasagna because it's not good.

Are we going back here? Maybe or we'll just take the extra steps to better tasting pizza at Domino's or Panago.


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