Life Changes in October and November 2017

First, thank you so much to all those who supported my birthday fundraising. I am not sure how much I was able to raise but I am sure that my mom gave $20 as a birthday gift so yay for mom.

Second, Jomar arrived in Canada last October 21 and was planning to stay here until November 22 but we've been in a long distance relationship for 2 years now and we've been discussing getting married even before I left for Canada (plus, we got engaged last 16.06.16 (June 16, 2016)) so we decided to elope.


Last October 26, 2017, in front of my family and with the blessing of both our parents, we got married at the beautiful King George Park in Richmond, BC. I got my "garden" wedding and it happened in the most beautiful season of all, Fall. One of the reasons why I decided to stay in Canada is because of how amazing and beautiful Fall is. It's just amazing.

We had a simple dinner at Kisha Poppo an eat-all-you-can Japanese restaurant. My mom enjoyed her unlimited tempura while I am ecstatic to be married and drown with all the salmon sashimi I could devour.


In between coordinating our wedding, we were also busy apartment hunting in this Vancouver expensive housing market. We considered two things when apartment hunting:
  1. It should be under our budget, obviously.
  2. It should be within a kilometer (walking distance) of my work.
We did find an apartment last October and moved in mid-November. Packing, finding movers (thanks Yelp), and buying things we need - it was a busy month.

So now, I am married and have moved out from my parents.

Talk about life changes!


There will also be changes at work this coming 2018 and I am scared but as Ms. Myna said, "You can do it scared."

If you've read this far, thank you. :)

Wedding suppliers:
We would like to thank, Young Hip and Married for helping us find Marilyn (our officiant) and Emily Nicole (our photographer). My hair and make-up is by Vimo Beauty (thanks Fiona!). Jomar's polo is from Zara, coat and pants are from Top Man. His shoes is from a closing store in Richmond Center. My dress is from Laura and my shoes is from Payless.


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