April 2017: Family, Weather, and Food

Last February, I highlighted the snowy winter I have experienced for the first time. This time I will be sharing with you the beautiful pink colors of Spring. I will also dedicate a section for what our family had been up to. Lastly, I will make a list of the new restaurants I have tried this month!

Family Highlight

It's Kuya's birthday! Unlike, Therese's celebration last month, Kuya (kuya is Filipino for "brother") decided he wants us to have dinner at home. Pizza delivery, home cooked Filipino-style spaghetti, and cake that I purchased from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts near our office.
Cake from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Happy Birthday only-brother!

Weather: Spring is Here!

Yay! After months of Winter and snow, spring is finally here! Sakura everywhere.

Cherry Blossoms after the rain
April 5, 2017

Sunrise Sakura
7:15 AM Sunrise Cherry Blossoms
April 11, 2017

After two weeks...
no more cherry blossoms
Just like that they're all gone.

Summer is just plain green so the next season I am looking forward to is Fall where everything is either still green, orange, or yellow

Food Adventure for the Month

Good Goodah! Grill at Richmond Center

Kiyo Sushi Kiyo Sushi at Cambie Road, Richmond BC

Chef Tony Dim Sum Chef Tony Dim Sum at Metrotown

Lotus Pho Restaurant Lotus Pho Restaurant at No. 5 Road, Richmond BC

Pink Elephant Thai Curry Pink Elephant near Marine Drive Canada Line Station

Fish and Chips at Steveston, Richmond BC Shady Island Seafood Bar & Grill at Steveston, Richmond BC

Mini Donuts Outpost Mini Donuts Company near Steveston, Richmond BC
That's a summary of my April! Hopefully, I find more time to blog so I could share all my adventures sooner.


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