March 2017: Family and Food

Every month starting March, someone from our family is celebrating their birthday:
  • March: Therese
  • April: Hovey
  • May: Alyanna
  • June: Mom
  • July: Dad
And yes, I am the odd one out since my birthday is all the way in November.

For this month, Therese decided we eat at Earls Kitchen + Bar Restaurant. Since we are excited about dinner, we have been looking at the menu deciding what to get a couple of days before her actual birthday.


For sharing, we had Bacon Mac + Cheese and Crispy Chicken Tenders

Bacon Mac + Cheese Bacon Mac + Cheese

Crispy Chicken Tenders Crispy Chicken Tenders

Main Course

For our main course, Alyanna had Pepperoni Pizza, I had Bacon Cheddar Burger, Therese had California Chicken Burger, Mother had Chicken, Brie + Fig Sandwich, and Kuya had Louisiana Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Pizza

Bacon Cheddar Burger Bacon Cheddar Burger with Yam Fries


The best part of any meal (or at least this one) is desserts.

Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pudding Sticky Toffee Chocolate Pudding

Gold Digger Partially Eaten Gold Digger

Happy birthday Therese!


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