February 2017: Food and Weather

I may have posted this line before, I have this love-hate relationship with my new home country. Though Canada still doesn't feel home, most of the time, I still feel like I am just on vacation and can't wait to go back home to the Philippines.

Anyway, I love Canada! This last winter season (December to February) is the worst snow British Columbia has seen in x number years, specifically in Metro Vancouver. Growing up in a tropical country, I would only dream of seeing snow gently falling from the sky like in the movies. But being able to see it with my own eyes and touch it while waiting for a bus is really a dream come true. I love the snow and how gently it would fall. The biggest reason of this love and amazement for snow is it's my first time to experience it. But the day or two after a snowfall, is just really annoying. Icy roads, icy sidewalk, icy everything and the fear of slipping is something difficult to live with.

Snow in Richmond, BC
Snow on my way home.
Snow the following morning on my way to work
I am not exactly looking forward to winter but seeing God's beautiful and amazing nature miracle, I look forward to the next snowy days that come my way. Oh and I will be better equip next time with winter boots.

Food Adventure for the Month

Before, my goal is to try 1 new restaurant per week but now, I am happy to try 1 new place per month. Now that I think about it, I still get to try 1 new restaurant but it's delivered to our office every Wednesday (we have free lunch every Wednesday and I get to choose which restaurant where the team is going to order) but no photos because delivered food is not as pretty as "for here" food.


Yolks is a local restaurant focuses on breakfast and brunch food. I went to the branch near Broadway City Hall Canada Line I am a big fan of chicken and waffles since I moved to Canada so decided to get that one.
Chicken and Waffles: Organic fried chicken, Belgian waffles, chicken gravy & Canadian maple syrup

Lotus Pho Restaurant

I have tried the pho from Lotus a couple of times but I have definitely found my favorite, Chicken and Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup (S9 on the menu).
S9. Pho Ga, Ga Vien Chicken and Chicken Meat Ball Noodle Soup

That's a short summary of the highlights of my February.


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