Food Trip in Richmond (Alexandra Road): Seto Japanese Restaurant

Last Christmas, I gave my siblings gifts that they want to have. I never purchased anything for my parents so yesterday I decided to bring them to a Japanese restaurant because my mom had been raving about wanting to have Ramen and Tempura. After doing research, we were originally going to eat at Gmen Ramen Shop but they're closed on Sundays so we end up at Sato Japanese Restaurant.

Companions: Mother and Father

Sato is a posh, upscale Japanese restaurant which offers a lot of famous Japanese food. They have the usual sushi and sashimi, takoyaki and onomiyaki, ramen, tempura, and so much more. Plus, the ambiance of the place is really Japanese. Below are the food we ordered and I was seriously bloated after this delicious meal. They have all of my favorite Japanese food!

Mother had the Lunch Box A. Teriyaki Chicken, Tempura, California Roll, Salad, Sunomono, Soup and Rice.

Lunch Box A

Meanwhile, father had Shoyu Ramen. They agreed to share the food they ordered so they could try it all.

Shoyu Ramen

I ordered all of my favorite Japanese food. I, of course, shared all this with my parents. I ordered Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Gyoza, Chicken Karaage, and Pork Katsu Curry on Rice.

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi (that melts in your mouth)
Pork and Veg Gyoza (supposed to be 5 pcs but we ate the missing 2)
Chicken Karaage
Pork Katsu Curry on Rice (Yum!)

There you have it my second Food Trip in Richmond blog post. As soon as I get a job, there will be more food exploration in Metro Vancouver.

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