Sunday, January 31, 2016

Food Trip in Richmond (Aberdeen Center): Saboten

I love Japanese Curry! If you need a fix of Japanese (or any Asian) cuisine, you should definitely go to Richmond.

The curry from Saboten tasted like what you would expect from Japan. The meat was tender (though a bit too oily) and the sauce was at the right consistency. Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my Japanese Curry.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Food Trip in Richmond (East Cambie): IHOP

International House of Pancakes.

My dad is flying back to the Philippines and our family had lunch together at IHOP as my youngest sister suggested. It was awesome!

For Alyanna, Crispy Chicken Strips and Fries

For Hovey, Classic Breakfast Crepe

For Therese, Banana Crepes with Nutella

For mother, Southwestern Club

For father, Strawberry Banana Pancakes

We had so much fun eating and bonding over lunch. =)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Food Trip in Richmond (Granville): Pumphouse Taproom

Therese wanted to go out last night because it was Friday. Again, ever since we attended the travel meetup, she wanted to try something new every Friday after her classes. Since, I can't accompany her yesterday to the Vancouver Lookout Tower, she suggested we go to a restaurant or bar in Richmond. Upon research, she decided we should try Pumphouse Taproom because she wanted some alcoholic drink.

I, on the other hand, am a foodie so I was after trying out their food. I had their Prosciutto Chicken Burger while Therese had their Calamari.

Prosciutto Chicken Burger


The Calamari was superb. It was crispy and and wasn't chewy or oily at all. It was really good. I wish I could say the same for the Chicken burger. Sadly, the burger I ordered was dry and the whole thing was just tasteless. I was telling Therese that I should have probably ordered their other burger.

Ambiance and service were also great. It was a pub / bar because of the wide-range of beer and alcoholic drinks that they serve. There were a lot of TV screen, a fireplace outside, a billiard table, and some board games. It was a place where friends and colleagues would spend after office on a Friday night.

Pumphouse Taproom is located at 6031 Blundell Road, Richmond, BC

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Downtown Vancouver: Me, Myself, and I, and Events

I have this love-hate relationship with my new country of residence. I hate (okay maybe hate is strong, dislike sounds better) Canada because I could not find a job as quickly as I want to and in the IT industry but I love this beautiful, clean, and safe city. I want to cry out of joy.

The Fairmont Hotel is one of my favorite Downtown buildings

Yesterday, I was in Downtown Vancouver for two events. From 12nn to 1pm, I was at BrainStation for the Recruiting Social meetup by Angela Bortolussi then in the evening 6pm - onwards I decided to attend the TechFest by Techvibes at Vancouver Convention Centre West, Canada Place. I learned a lot from Angela about how headhunters could find you in LinkedIn and online. She also recommended how to use other social media platform such as Instagram and Twitter to be discovered by recruiter (sadly, I don't use both). After this meetup, I found out about TechFest. Originally, I was going to the Startup PM Roundtable: Lessons From the Trenches meetup at Mobify but I decided that I want to see how vibrant the tech scene in Vancouver so I decided to go to TechFest.

Because of that, I found myself walking in around Downtown Vancouver from 2pm until 6pm before the event. God, I love this city!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Capilano Suspension Bridge: Siblings, Experience, and View

Last night, Therese and I went to the YVR Traveller meetup. Therese introduced herself as, "have not seen the world" since she has not travelled a lot. As we are going home from the meetup and I was telling her of my travels and life challenges, she keeps on saying that she will go to Victoria, BC the following day. I was telling her that you should bring clothes because you might get stranded there if the weather changes. She was so shocked! Anyway, she kept on searching and reading on places to visit. It's like the travel bug hit her when we were in the meetup. Because she's still in university, she enjoyed the talk from Jami Savage ( the most because it's focused on British Columbia travel.

Companion for this trip: Therese and Hovey

Thus, she keeps on asking me and Hovey to go with her to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park so we did. Coming from our Richmond, we took a bus then SkyTrain then another bus from Downtown.

Entrance of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

List of things to expect inside

Food Trip in Vancouver (Hastings-Sunrise): Vallarta's Mexican Restaurant

Yesterday (or should I say earlier this evening), Therese and I went to a Travel Meetup at Art Institute of Vancouver. Since we arrived a bit early for the event, we decided to have dinner at Vallarta's Mexican Restaurant.

The ambiance is like a setting from a Mexican movie. Therese loved it! Now, let's go to our food. My sister ordered Beef Quesadilla while I had Nachos. The serving was good for 3 people. We had some leftovers that we will give Hovey later today.



The Quesadilla was salty and I wished the Nachos had more cheese. Our order was not the best quesadilla and nachos we've had. We will try the Burrito next time!