Holiday Party at Vancouver Aquarium

I'm happy. I work for small businesses and don't experience Christmas/Holiday parties. We did have dinner in the past, but it's different than having a party with 200 people. Vancouver Aquarium Main Entrance Thankfully, Jomar's workplace organized an in-person Holiday Party this year at the Vancouver Aquarium. There were lots of food, alcohol, sea creatures in the dark, and socializing. I met his colleagues. I had a wonderful time. Pacific Canada Gallery I need to practice wearing heels! Standing up for 3 hours on 2-inch heels is too painful for my feet. Thankfully, the company gave Uber vouchers, so we used them to and from the Vancouver Aquarium. Jomar and Me

St. Paul's Hospital Lights of Hope and Vancouver Christmas Market

We're donors to St. Paul's Hospital; this evening is the lighting and first day of Lights of Hope. In 2018, we also visited the display, and I wrote about hope, which you can read here . We're apparently big enough donors to get invited to a Donor Celebration Reception an hour before the lighting. So right after work (5:00 PM), we hurriedly took an Uber to Sheraton Wall Centre for the reception. There's free food, booze, and desserts - MANY desserts (all sorts of cookies, mini cupcakes, mini cake rolls, mousse, and, did I already say cookies?). Inside the Constellation Suite at the Sheraton Wall Centre on the 34th floor After the short program, we went downstairs to find a decent spot for the Lights of Hope lighting. Christmas Lights St. Paul'