Photo of the Month: Back at BC Place

It's so hard to choose one photo or moment for November because it's my birth month. That said, the highlight of the month was when we watched the Vancouver Whitecaps FC at BC Place with 25,000 people. A close second is the delicious half mocha, half ube cake I had on my birthday. Back at BC Place Half Ube and Half Mocha Birthday Cake If you want to be updated with our food life in Canada, you can go to my food blog and follow me on Instagram .

Photo of the Month: Thanksgiving Feast

Because of the pandemic, our ability to travel is quite limited (though I heard the US-Canada land border has opened). So instead of posting travel pictures, I will share my favourite photo or event in the last month. For October, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We spent four hours cooking and preparing our Thanksgiving spread from HelloFresh. Selfie with our Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving Dinner The food was delicious, and our family was complete, and we were all healthy. Indeed, there are many things to be grateful for.