Photo of the Month: Thanksgiving Feast

Because of the pandemic, our ability to travel is quite limited (though I heard the US-Canada land border has opened). So instead of posting travel pictures, I will share my favourite photo or event in the last month. For October, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We spent four hours cooking and preparing our Thanksgiving spread from HelloFresh. Selfie with our Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving Dinner The food was delicious, and our family was complete, and we were all healthy. Indeed, there are many things to be grateful for.

Photo of the Month: Filipino Snacks

This month we shopped, packed, and shipped our very first balikbayan box, and I hope it gets to my in-laws early or in time for Christmas. But the picture for this month is the different imported Filipino food that I miss. When doing shopping for the balikbayan box, we went to Superstore. So while Jomar is busy grabbing things we will put inside the box, I was shopping for things we'll enjoy here in Canada and can only get in the Superstore, which includes a lot of Filipino food. Cupp Keyk, Lemon Square Cheese Cake, Hi-Ro, Hansel, and Yakult I grabbed longganisa and lumpia from the frozen aisle and all these wonderful snacks from the international aisle. This was the first time I went grocery shopping without looking at the price. Filipino goodies are so expensive (at least according to my budget) here because they're imported.  Why am I so confident to spend? Because we accumulated a lot of PC points! Yay for points! I only paid $7 and some cents for groceries worth more than