My Travel Map

World Map

This is a good visualization of the places I have visited.

I never knew how light my map is. It needs more colour.

Canada Map

I now live in Canada, and this is a visualization of where I have been. The furthest north I have been in is Whistler, and the furthest east is the Cultus Lake area.

Canada Map


The blue area is the places I didn't visit but drove through to go from point A to point B. We drove over Washington State from Canada to King County (Seattle), and we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, NV (Clark County).


East Asia

I realized that I have only been to East Asia for a vacation in South Korea and Hong Kong while I have visited Taiwan, Japan, and China but only their airports.

Southeast Asia

I grew up in the Philippines, but I didn't visit all the provinces. I have been to Sabah, Malaysia, and Yogyakarta, Indonesia, because of GDG Events. Although the red dot is small, I also was able to take a short vacation in Singapore. I have been to Kuala Lumpur once but only at the airport.

My Southeast Asia Map

South Asia

I have been to South Asia once, and that's when I attended a summit in Sri Lanka.

My South Asia Map

Visualization of my Flights

My profile

My flight map!

Cheers to more travel!

My Philippine travel map.


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