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How different life is before and during COVID-19?

What's the difference before March 12 and after March 12? Let's start at the "beginning."

March 12, at around 1 in the afternoon, I received an email from our VP of HR announcing that we will be working from home starting March 16 to last for a month, but can be extended as needed. Jomar is on the same boat, and we work for different companies.

The weekend before working from home, we went to Mass (which would be our last, as BC has banned gathering with more than 50 people). We also celebrated Pi Day - we ate out and walked around Kitsilano. We didn't know that dinner at Red Beef Noodle would be the last time we're going to eat out.

 What changed for us?

1. We're working from home. We're lucky to still have work. It means we're working in our small apartment and can hear each other attend meetings. I always tell Jomar it feels like we're in a co-working space, and I frequently apologize to him since I have more meetings.

We ordered Domino's Pizza on Day 1 of work from home.

2. We changed groceries. We used to go to No Frills because it's on the way from work before going home. Now, we always go to the nearby (and more expensive) Meinhardt Fine Food and Shoppers. We still go once a week, so the frequency didn't change.

Tiramisu from Meinhardt
Cake for Sanity

Chicken Afritada
I still cook one ulam once a week like this Chicken Afritatada.

3. We take walks around our neighbourhood. Before working from home, I walk to work. Now, I walk for the sake of walking and to get fresh air. Of course, we observe physical distancing when going out.

Flowers of Spring
We saw this on one of our walks, and I just had to stop and take a photo.
Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Spring
Beautiful Spring Flowers

4. No more eating out. We still order takeout, and we're avid supporters of #Takeoutday to help local restaurants. I miss eating inside restaurants, though.

Suika's Katsu Curry enjoyed at home
Katsu Curry from Suika

5. We can't visit my family. The last time we saw them was March 23 - my sister insisted we have lunch because it's her birthday. Two weeks later and we're all healthy - whew! We also visited them on May 10 - Mother's Day, since BC is slowly encouraging expanding the social bubble, and I miss seeing my family.

6. No more weekend random events. Jomar and I love to explore Vancouver events when they happen, and with everything cancelled, there's really nothing to do. We also miss watching Vancouver Whitecaps FC play.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC at BC Place
On February 29, we watched the Vancouver Whitecaps FC on their only home game for the season.

7. No more movies. We watch a movie at the theatre once a month. The last film we saw was Onwards on March 7.

8. No dental appointment

9. No haircut.

10. Not taking public transportation. The buses and trains are running at limited capacity, and people can observe physical distancing inside. However, we can walk to the grocery, so there's no reason for us to take public transportation regularly.

Those are some of the differences in our life because of COVID-19.

June 8 Update

We're now at Phase 2 of slowly opening things up here in BC. Things that have changed from the list above:

5. We can visit the family. We take an Uber going there instead of taking public transit.

8. Dentists are slowly opening and Jomar has a scheduled appointment in two days. I have mine next month.

9. Jomar went to the barber shop a couple weeks ago. Woot!


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What is G Suite? Get a free 14-day trial and exclusive discount.