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To the year that was 2017

I can't believe it is the last day of 2017. When I started this post, I honestly don't know what to write but as I look at all the photos I have, I realized that I have great memories I would love to share.

Instead of the usual, summarizing what happened each month, I picked the 17 events and places that happened in 2017. (When I started the list, it reached 20 but decided to merge some things together). Let's get started:

    Things I love everyday

  1. Winter, spring, summer, and fall
  2. 2017 is my second whole year in Canada and my second year to witness how amazing the transformation of trees are depending on the season. I took a picture of this tree every so often to try and capture the beauty of each season.
    Left to right: Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter

  3. Dramatic sunrise
  4. Next on the things I love this year are the many beautiful sunrises and sunsets I get to witness. Thanking God each time for all the blessings and for another day. Each of the image below is taken between 7am to 7:30am on my way to work and one for each season.
    Left to right: summer sunrise, spring sunrise, winter sunrise, and fall sunrise

  5. American Football - BC Lions
  6. Since moving to North America, my siblings and I learned to appreciate the sports people here watch. Therese enjoys watching Hockey (I don't have the attention span to monitor where the puck is) while Hovey watches soccer, hockey, and American football. I enjoyed watching the BC Lions in the Canadian Football League and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC in the Major League Soccer. We even watch the BC Lions once per season (coincidentally both times it's against the Winnipeg Bombers).

    Let's go Lions!

  7. Views from Granville Island
  8. Next on my list is Granville Island, I decided to place this under this category because I work near Granville Island and I love taking walks with Jomar after work. The view from the island is breathtaking both in the morning and at night.

    View near Go Fish

    View near the Granville Island Public Market


  9. Museum of Anthropology in UBC
  10. Last January, Jomar and I had our first date for 2017 in Canada by visiting Museum of Anthropology in UBC. I learned new things about the First Nations of Canada specifically, BC.

  11. White Rock, BC
  12. Much-needed summer sunshine with the family during Alyanna's birthday.

  13. Park - Stanley Park and Garry Point Park
  14. Another thing I love about Metro Vancouver is the numerous, beautiful park you can visit for free to take a walk and just appreciate life. It was my first time in Garry Point Park and only my third time in Stanley Park.

    One of the trails in Stanley Park

    Japanese Garden in Garry Point Park

  15. Layover in Beijing, China
  16. My new country for the year is China. Well, just the airport. I had a layover in Beijing International Airport on my way to Philippines. More of my journey in China available here.

  17. Vacation in Philippines
  18. A week back home. It was great to take a break from my daily routine and to be with Jomar to plan our life together, to catch up with friends about how they are doing, and to be just back home. No matter how beautiful Canada and Vancouver is, Philippines will always have a special place in my heart. It's a feeling hard to explain.

    View of BGC from my home in Philippines

  19. A Day in Seattle
  20. My parents and I went to Seattle for a day last August. Our primary goal: to eat in Jollibee. What we did? Breakfast in Pike Place Market, Mass at St. James Cathedral, Jollibee to go, and buying a winter jacket on sale before making our way back to Canada.
    St. James Cathedral, my breakfast, and long lines in Jollibee

  21. Burnaby Village Museum
  22. Jomar and I were reading an article about free things to do in Metro Vancouver this Christmas season and visiting the Burnaby Village Museum is one of them. Being transported back in 1920s and learning about the rich history of Burnaby is worth the cold trip near Deer Lake.


  23. Birthdays
  24. From March to July, someone in our family is celebrating a birthday. Except for me since my birthday is November. Below are the pictures from each celebration.

  25. 150th Canada Day
  26. This is my second year in Canada and my second time to attend the celebration in Steveston, Richmond. It's as colorful as last year but since it's Canada's 150th, there are more people and more activities.

  27. Christmas in Downtown Vancouver
  28. Santa Claus parade, gigantic Christmas tree, and an igloo of Christmas lights, Downtown Vancouver has it all!

    Realized Dreams

    The following three are on top of my list for 2017!

  29. Two countries at once
  30. Yes, I was at two countries at once! I had the opportunity to stand in the boundary of US and Canada in BC. Check my post here.

  31. Paul Syrus and Princess Mae
  32. Another realized dream is sponsoring two kids, one with Compassion Canada and another with World Vision Canada. Both child is from the Philippines. It's been a dream of mine to do this and I made it happen this year.
    Paul Syrus and Princess Mae from Philippines

  33. Saying, 'I do'
  34. The best thing to happen in 2017? Jomar and I got married. It was a simple wedding ceremony on a beautiful autumn day in Richmond.

That's a list of 17 things that happened in 2017. If you read this far, thanks for taking interest. I look forward to all the great things to come in 2018. :)


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