Landsea Tours: Whistler & Shannon Falls Tour

Jomar and I decided to do what most tourists do when they visit British Columbia - go to Whistler. I decided to pay Landsea Tours for bus transportation going to and from Whistler. It will be a day trip.

On the way to Whistler Village We started the day by walking to Park Inn & Suites by Radisson. It's the closest hotel to our place and is our designated pick-up point. We arrived an hour early and had breakfast at Tim Hortons across the street.

Our bus arrived with Mickey is our tour guide and bus driver for the day. It's a full bus. We picked up more tourists around Downtown, Vancouver. Then, we started our journey.

We were rewarded with a beautiful view of Howe Sound as the bus driver through the Sea to Sky Highway. My photos did not give justice to the beautiful view, so here's a short video and a glimpse of what's outside the window (with background narration from Mickey).

Shannon Falls and Stawamus Chief On the way to Whistler, we stopped by for like 20 minute…

Summer Fireworks in Vancouver

As soon as Jomar and I got back from our "big" Philippines wedding, it's summer in beautiful Vancouver!

We attended one of three Honda Celebration of Lights. We're only free to watch Team India on July 27. After attending the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass celebration at St. Augustine's we walked with our chair to Vanier Park.

There's a lot of people from couples like us to families with young kids to groups grilling meat. It was a great atmosphere and a reminder of why I love Canada and Vancouver. Moreover, we enjoyed a wonderful, clear day and the amazing sunset.

Honda Celebration of Lights 2019 It's the second year we're watching at least one team participating in the competition. I told Jomar this is one of our annual summer things. Here is a 4K / HD video of the fireworks show. It's in 3 different files because for some reason either Google Camera or Google Photos cut them up when the file has become too big. Enjoy!

Day 10 of PH Wedding Vacation: Layover at Narita International Airport

We're finally in Japan and on our way to Canada. This time we have more time to roam around and decide where to eat (unlike our layover coming from Canada).

We walked the whole airport (at least the area we have access to) and checked out places that serve Katsu Curry and Ramen. Somehow, we ended up having a meal at Yoshinoya.

After our meal and while walking to our boarding gate, we purchased a bunch of Kitkat with unique flavours.

I think this is where I will end my series of blog posts about our trip to the Philippines. Sorry, it took three months to share them here. As soon as we got to Vancouver, we went straight home. I ordered Indian food using SkipTheDishes and cooked some rice for our lunch and dinner. We went back to work the following morning.
It's great to back!