Lonely Planet: Ultimate Travel List (The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked)

I love browsing around the Vancouver Public Library, specifically in the travel section where I spotted Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List (The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked) (First and Second Edition).

They have a methodology which includes surveys and, of course, input from Lonely Planet authors. According to my research, the third edition should come out in 2025.

In this post, I will include the places I visited in both editions. Let's go!

Places in both editions

The first number is its rank in the first edition, and the second number is its rank in the second edition of the book.

#106 then #87 Be soaked in water and mini rainbows at Niagara Falls

We visited the Niagara Falls during the Thanksgiving Weekend of 2022 and it was a memorable experience.

Niagara Falls

#137 then #187 Get rhapsodic at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

I visited Singapore in 2012, and one of the places we stumbled upon while walking from the ArtScience Museum is the Gardens by the Bay. Besides the Harry Potter Exhibition, I did zero research on which places to visit in Singapore. 😅

This photo is even older and taken using my Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Gardens by the Bay

#194 then #284 Stroll through Seoul's regal Changdeokgung palace

In 2011 and 2014, I went to Seoul, South Korea and visited the Changdeokgung palace.

Changedeokgung Palace

#242 then #89 Behold Buddha's mega monument of Borobudur

In 2013, I visited Yogyakarta, Indonesia and had a chance to visit Java's Buddhist temple of Borobudur.

My only pictures were taken using my Samsung tablet; they're terrible.

Low-quality tablet selfie at Borobudur

Places on the first edition

The places below are only found in the first edition.

#342 N Seoul Tower: Beloved Landmark Tower

We went to N Seoul Tower during our 2014 visit, and it seems like I don't have any pictures on top.

N Seoul Tower

Places on the second edition

I visited the following places found only in the book's second edition.

#152 Ogle orchids and more at Singapore Botanic Gardens

I visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2012 and loved how serene it was despite being in the middle of a busy city.

One of the benches in Singapore Botanic Gardens

#197 Take a cableway to heaven on the Sea to Sky Gondola

We visited the Sea to Sky Gondola in July 2022 for my dad's birthday!

Sea to Sky Gondola

#214 Stroll around an urban rainforest in Stanley Park

We live in Vancouver but didn't visit Stanley Park as much as we could.

My first photo of Stanley Park was in 2016.

#236 Submit to the neon-lit hedonism of the Vegas Strip

We visited Las Vegas when I was 18 years old with the family, and we don't have a lot of pictures from that trip.

#343 Comb through Seattle's charismatic soul at Pike Place Market

We crossed the border from Vancouver to Seattle, and of course, we visited the Pike Place Market on our first day.

Pike Place Market

Map and List

There are 700 unique places from the book's first and second editions, with 300 found in both editions! I have created a map of all locations and have a spreadsheet as well. Unfortunately, because of copyright reasons, I will not be publishing it here, but I will continue to update this list as I visit more places.


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