Pokemon GO Community Day: Dratini day

I played Pokemon GO when it came out last 2016 with my sister but it was so challenging to get Poke Balls that we stopped playing. Fast forward to December 2017, I am married and Jomar plays it ALL the time. I decided that instead of being mad at him for playing, I should just join him. I resumed playing sometime November (just at the end of the Halloween event) and we've been playing together ever since.

Community Day in Vancouver, BC

This month's community day is the second ever but our first time to join fellow trainers in Vancouver, BC. We went to Science World on Main Street where there's a pentalure (5 Poke Stops which you can reach in one spot and they're all lured).

Science World

5 Poke Stops all lured up

I know there's a lot of players but oh boy - I didn't expect to see hundreds of people playing at the same time.

This is the best photo I could take and more are walking around.

Shiny Dratini

My favorite part of the whole thing is within two minutes of the 3-hour event, someone said "Oh shiny!" and the way his wife looked at him in envy was hilarious. Every time someone encounters a Shiny Dratini (a pink, instead of blue one) there'll be a sudden scream or squeal or funny sound not only from the person who saw it but from their companions.

Dratini in snow! (I was too excited to catch a Shiny Dratini and forgot to take a photo.)

Personally, I caught two Shiny Dratini and I was so jealous of Jomar because he caught three. All is fair because during the Pikachu Community Day last month I caught two Shiny Pikachu while he only has one.


After the Community Day yesterday, we decided that Sunday (today) is all about hunting legendary Pokemons. They released Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza to Level 5 Raids and we spent today going to three Rayquaza raids. Jomar caught 2 and he caught 1 for me. Yay for all the trainers we worked with. Now, all I need is a Kyogre.

Ms. Aileen said that I should get an after work de-stressing activity and this weekend I truly felt relaxed and looking forward to the work week ahead!

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