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Day 1: GDG Devfest Kota Kinabalu

Good morning Kota Kinabalu! Magandang umaga Sabah! Selamat Pagi Malaysia!

It was our first day in Malaysia and +Jomar and I enjoyed the breakfast buffet of +King Park Hotel Kota Kinabalu. I particularly remember the Beef Rendang they served because it was the only food I am not familiar with.

GDG Devfest Kota Kinabalu 2013

After making sure that we're ready for the long day, +Jomar+Mitch+Svet and I started walking towards the Wisma Bandaraya. It is the venue of the first GDG Devfest Kota Kinabalu and is two blocks away from our hotel. We saw +Sebastian outside the building trying to figure out the entrance. We also bumped into +Loretta as we figure out on which floor we should go as the building lobby is empty.

After a few minutes standing there, I saw the word "auditorium" at the wall signage of the different floors. We tried our luck and went to the 13th floor. Alas, the community is there eating their breakfast and networking.

The event started with +Lorna as host. The Keynote by +Sebastian was followed by a session by +Mitch about Mobile Trends in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Next up was +Wayne with his session on +Google Maps API. I was next with my Google Apps for Education sharing. Last to speak before lunch was Mark Tan. During the time, I was not speaker - I was enjoying the unlimited Curry Puff (it looked like Empanada) that they are serving outside the hall way. It was just delicious. I did not bother counting how many I ate - all I know is it was really good.

Me with the delicious Curry Puff
The lunch was also really good! During lunch, +Marcus was sharing with us the different food we should try in Kuala Lumpur, MY like the Bak Kut Teh. I think I ate too much in KK because the food is spicy the way I like it.

It was also nice meeting the warm people of KK like +Murphy and +Arthur. Murphy works with the Sabah Tourism Board, thus, he knows all the places to visit in KK and Sabah. Arthur, on the other hand, is the +Ingress community lead in KK and it still amazes me on how peaceful and quiet the "Ingress Wars" there as compared to here in Manila.

Going Around Kota Kinabalu

After the successful GDG Devfest KK, we had dinner in Welcome Seafood Restaurant. Look at the picture below of all the amazing and affordable seafood we had.

We also went shopping (I don't have shorts and slippers for the beach trip) at Centre Point Sabah. We also visited two market and bazaar places, Pasar Buah Buahan Tempatan and Pasar Malam Sinsuran. I was able to buy a souvenir key chain for my collection. It's not an ordinary key chain but a money key chain. It was so humid that evening so we decided to cool off at Secret Recipe. They serve really great cakes. After that, we walked going back to King Park Hotel.

It was a long great day in KK and I can't wait to explore some more.

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